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Coding to a multi-million business in while on track for their next via Handshake — with Mike Carson and Steve Webb

September 4, 2020

Welcome to this episode of Kickstart Commerce podcast where we’re doubling up to interview Mike Carson — serial entrepreneur, software developer, and founder of, and Steve Webb — partner and researcher, developer, and marketer at

In today’s episode, we’ll discuss:

  • How Mike scripted and stumbled upon founding what has become a multi-million dollar business in
  • How Hacker News inspired Mike to embark upon another scripting journey,, centered around Handshake — a decentralized, permissionless naming protocol where every peer is validating and in charge of managing the root DNS naming zone with the goal of creating an alternative to existing Certificate Authorities and naming systems.
  • Mike and Steve reveal need-to-know tips, tricks, commission structures and steps to take for people to own a TLD, also known as a top-level domain — including emojis (WHAAAAATTTT???), using

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