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Going Viral With Trevor Page’s Exact Match Domain About Programming

April 27, 2018
Welcome to this episode of the Kickstart Commerce podcast where we interview Trevor Page, a software engineer turned entrepreneur of
Trevor is best known by most in the world of software development and engineering as the founder of and — educational websites dedicated to instructing and creating coding tutorials so easy, a 10 year old could do it.
In this episode, Trevor and I discuss the following topics and lessons learned over our 45-minute conversation:
  • How his day job launched his entrepreneurial career
  • How one blog post went viral 30 days after website launch
  • Real-life pros and cons of using an exact match domain
  • How a trademark encounter forced a rebrand to a brandable domain
  • How he deploys various domains to promote his businesses
  • The one item that determined his success and profitability
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