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First-Time NamesCon Attendee, Andre Gary, Shares His Domaining and Conference Experience

February 7, 2018

Only a few years into domain investing, Andre Gary is learning the ins and outs of what it takes to become a consistently profitable domain investor.

Andre and I met while attending NamesCon, world's biggest conference for the domain industry at large, in Las Vegas. We were both first-time attendees, Andre having won a NamesCon ticket giveaway via website (Domain Shane + Accidental Domainer).

In this short episode, Andre shares his experience about the following:

  • His introduction into domain investing
  • How he acclimated and educated himself before a buying spree
  • His first sale of a .NET domain with 10,000% ROI
  • His candid advice for first-time domainers and NamesCon attendees

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