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From OneWord.Domains to with Steven Tey

June 25, 2021

Welcome to the Kickstart Commerce podcast where we share search marketing and domain investing strategies to help grow your business.

In today's episode, our guest is Steven Tey — a developer and founder of, formerly known as OneWord.Domains. 

Today Steven and I discuss:

  • How pursuing education in Malaysia landed him in the United States, having recently graduated a double major in branding and data science from Minerva.
  • We then discuss how a simple prototype to take the top 10,000 most commonly used English words and pair them with popular non .com domain extensions led to the birth of OneWord.Domains.
  • And if that wasn’t enough, Steven shares his lighting-in-a-bottle moment of OneWord.Domains going viral via ProductHunt and Hacker News.
  • Steven also shares how he used OneWord.Domains to discover and launch his next business ideas, and
  • Last but not least, Steven gives us a glimpse of what is on the horizon for him personally and professionally.

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