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George T. Bundy Discusses New gTLDs, ccTLDs, Future of Domains, and dotFM emoji domain offering

February 23, 2018
Welcome to this episode of Kickstart Commerce podcast where I interview George T. Bundy, CEO of BRS Media.
With more than 20 years of experience in pioneering domain usage for multimedia purposes, such as radio and podcast websites, BRS Media is the parent company of the dotFM (.FM) and dotAM (.AM) registries. 
Picking up from where we left off at meeting one another for the first time while attending NamesCon, tune in and listen as George and I discuss the following topics:
  • How BRS Media stumbled upon .FM and .AM offerings
  • How the domain industry has changed over time
  • What the future of domains may consist of
  • Are ccTLDs impacted by new gTLD offerings
  • Why emoji domains make business sense, especially for multimedia brand
  • Why dotFM choose to venture into offering emoji domains
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