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Geos, Gerunds, and Growth with the One and Only — Kate Buckley

March 19, 2021

Welcome to the Kickstart Commerce podcast where we share search marketing and domain investing strategies to help grow your business.

Today’s episode is not only special because of its guest, but today’s is our 100th episode.  And to celebrate such a milestone episode, our guest today needs no introduction other than Kate.

I did my homework, as you’ll soon hear, and pulled out all the stops as Kate and I:

  • Discuss how developing, advertising, and monetizing geo domains led to the founding of Buckley Media
  • Kate also shares why her domain name brokerage and branding boutique is renowned for its customized, strategic approach to consultative corporate domain services and signature relationship-building.
  • We also chat about ladies of the night, dental implants, romance, and yoga pants — who knew!?
  • And last but not least, Kate schools us on how to determine a domain’s use case and evaluation, including her specialty gerund domains.

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