Kickstart Commerce Podcast - Domain Investing & Development Strategies

Sifting and Shaking Things Up Outbounding Domains with Leanne McMahon

July 10, 2021

Welcome to the Kickstart Commerce podcast where we share search marketing and domain investing strategies to help grow your business.

In today's episode, our guest is web designer turned domain investor Leanne McMahon. 

Today Leanne and I discuss:

  • Finding a place under the sun and how she’s making a name for herself in the domain industry sifting through domain sales data.
  • Next, Leanne and I chat about how web design, search marketing, and customer service roles intersected with her first attempt to flip domain names via Flippa.
  • We then peek into Leanne’s outbound toolbox to discuss MailShake, and how she’s used it to dial in and perfect her sales through rate outbounding hand-registration domains.
  • Leanne also reveals and discusses a list of 4,000+ available one-word, dictionary .com domains with GoDaddy estimated value in tow.

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