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Solving Domain Capital Challenges via a No-Code Domain Development Subscription Business with Stephen Campbell

January 8, 2021

Welcome to this episode of Kickstart Commerce podcast where we share search marketing and domain investing strategies to help grow your business.

In today's episode, our guest is Stephen Campbell — domain investor turned domain developer of,, having recently launched an Open-AI virtual ghostwriter earning $400+ recurring monthly revenue (and growing) in less than 7 days.

Today Stephen and I discuss:

  • The economic challenges of buying and selling domains while residing in Jamaica
  • How he got his start in the domain industry, and what it was like working at Epik as a Territory Manager
  • Stephen also shares why and how he choose to pivot from domain investing to domain development, for now
  • Last but not least, Stephens reveals how recently launching a monthly recurring subscription business for ghostwriting services — all while having not written one line of code.

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Last but not least, please visit and to learn more about search marketing and domain investing ideas to grow your business.


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